GPS for Baby Jesus

I’m not sure what kind of person would steal a Baby Jesus from a nativity scene, but if this problem has plagued your community, a company called BrickHouse Security has a solution. They’re providing free GPS trackers to help recover Jesus should your local crèche be robbed next Christmas.

Churches and other religious institutions or nonprofits can sign up for a free GPS tracker to install inside Baby Jesus (the technology works just as well for menorahs). If Jesus goes missing, the church can track him via computer or mobile phone. And then the parishioners can ambush the son of a grinch who took him! (Or just call in the authorities.) Last year was the fifth year BrickHouse provided this service.

Does it work?

"There’s been no attempt of theft since we announced that we’re tracking our Jesus," Alan Czyewski of St. Ambrose Church told Fox 5 in New York last December. "This is our third year, and we love this. People are now well aware of our GPS Jesus, so they leave it alone."

[by Jason English]