Understanding Diner Lingo

Photo: avlxyz on Flickr

The origins of most diner phrases are shrouded in mystery or lost to history, and different regions and restaurants use different terminology for the same items, but this list should give you an idea of what’s going on when you hear your waitress screaming about wrecking two chicks on a raft.

1. Adam and Eve on a raft/log -Two poached eggs on toast

2. Adam’s ale/city juice/dog soup - Water

3. All hot - A baked potato

4. Axle grease/skid grease/cow paste - Butter

5. Baby juice/moo juice/cow juice/Sweet Alice - Milk

6. Belch water/balloon water – Seltzer or soda water

7. Blonde with Sand -Coffee with cream and sugar

8. Bloodhound in the Hay - A hot dog with sauerkraut

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